Friday, January 3, 2014


Ok, so it has been months since I've posted anything!  I have a world of excuses and none of them matter, so why even mention them!

However, I have felt a new surge of inspiration!  Not necessarily because it is the new year, but because one of my favorite blogs, Apartment Therapy has posted their annual January Cure series.  This series provides daily posts that will help you get organized and to finally finish up some of those house hold projects you have been putting off for oh so long!

This finally got me motivated to at least pretend that I'm going to accomplish something and be one step closer to making my new house (for the past 2 years) a home.

After signing up, I felt renewed (as if I was actually going to do this) here goes!

Assignment 1
Make a list

Seems easy enough, right!?  Make a list of all the projects you have been dying to get to but have never found the time.  Doesn't have to be fact, I think its better if its a bunch of small goals...less pressure!  Once you have made you list...pick the top 3-5 for each space in your home!  This way, its so much easier to manage (we'll see).  Even though I'm a few days behind, just the idea of writing it down helps a ton!

Assignment 2
Weekend Chores

I love this weekend's assignment!  Mainly because I am quarter of the way finished (I have 3 stories and I just cleaned one this past weekend) So now, all I have to do is finish the floors on the remaining levels...and my favorite...FLOWERS!  There was a time when i was buying flowers on a weekly basis.  I just loved designing arrangements and filling my home with floral scents! Its such a calming experience and doesn't have to be that expensive! 3 stems of hydrangea is only $6 at the grocery store...and they look great in a small vase!

With that said...I'm off to the cure!  I will chronicle my own experience with Apartment Therapy's challenge and do daily updates on what I have (and have not) crossed off my list!

So wish my luck!  And if you are interested in taking the challenge, sign up at Apartment Therapy!

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