Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Secret Childhood Dream!

So, I haven't blogged in a while and after looking for my posts, I noticed my blog has been a  little bit more fashion than form.  I had the whole idea to do some amazing home...but during my research, I found something even better...a doll house! has the most AMAZING product...a modern doll house.  When I was a child, I had the stereotypical Victorian styled doll house (which never made it out of the box).  It was always they plan to put it together...but we never got around to it.  

Although I am nowhere near having a child, I imagine that when I have a little mini me...this is the house we will be constructing in our family room!!

This has just inspired me to design my own model...i mean, doll house.  It would be the perfect time to brush up on my model making skills.  

I hope it inspires you in some way!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012


This season is all about graphics.  Once graphic in particular, is my FAVORITE!

These are not your grandmothers sock-hop dots, these are hip with a ode to retro!

These are some of my favorite this year....

1. Lingerie - Stella McCartney
2. Heels - Kate Spade
3. Top - Moschino
4. Wallet - Comme Des Garcons
5. Glasses - Kate Spade
6. Skirt - Oscar de la Renta

What dots are hot to you?

Sunday, September 2, 2012


We are use to hearing about these power couples, two people who join forces creating a force so strong, no one can stop them.  Most people think of Jay Z & Beyonce' but even these two have nothing on CHARLES & RAY EAMES.

These two could not be more compatible if they were designed that way.  He was a talented architect, she was an amazing artist.  With both of their strengths, they created the most amazing modern designs.

These two were at the for front of pre-fabrication and made many innovations in material usage, such as plywood.


Check out their collection of chairs, many which were produced by Herman Miller and their personal home, often known as Case Study, which was constructed by all prefabricated materials.


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