Monday, January 6, 2014

Apartment Therapy - Assignment 3 - Fresh Perspective

Today, Apartment Therapy posted the 3rd assignment for the January Cure.  After completing this weekend's assignment with flying colors ... literally - check out my flowers...

I am inspired to continue today's assignment.  The goal for this evening is to get new perspective on a space that may not be your favorite.  For me, its our "home office" know, that extra bedroom that would serve as a child's room (if you had children) but instead, it has a desk that is covered in mail and a closet filled with boxes of more junk that you can't seem to get rid of.  So after 2 years..its time to reevaluate this space!

I have a visual of what I want the room to be...still a home office but since we have guests often, I would like it to be a guest bedroom as now this space has two functions other than the holder of all the "is this really trash" items.

So how do I accomplish this?  

First step:  Throw it away!  I have a problem, I am slowly becoming a hoarder (its genetic) and I want to stop it before someone has to dig me out of my home.  So all those old receipts for insignificant purchases - out.  All that mail that has been opened and handled...out!  Old issues of Brides magazine (now that i'm married, I really don't need them - not like I used them anyway) all gone!

Second step:  Organize! There will be left over documents & keepsakes that I will want to keep but just need a better system.  File cabinets & desk organizers.  Since our desk has no drawers - all those pens and pencils need a place.  

Now that its all organized - its time to plan - literally draw a plan.  I want to layout how to arrange the space so it can function as an office but is comfy and inviting for guests! So I will draft up a few ideas...then look for furniture!  

For me - this assignment will take some time to accomplish but its nice to finally have a goal set and a plan of action!  I will post before/after pics & the sketches of how I plan to move forward!

Stay tuned! 

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