Monday, November 3, 2014


Anyone who follows Beyonce on any level, knows she has been rockin' a ton of TOPSHOP fits as of late...and the Beehive is swarming!

TOPSHOP recently announced that the QBey herself will be teaming up with them to launch a new line of looks...and I personally cannot wait!

Beyonce has become relatively fashionable as of late, especially compared to the looks of her Dereon years (does anyone even wear that stuff?  Seriously)

In any respect, Beyonce's style has certainly evolved to a more polished, chic look and her TOPSHOP gear is always fun and flirty, so it will be exciting to see what is birthed from this collaboration.

Here is the link to the news from TOPSHOP 

And here are a few of my favorite Beyonce wearing TOPSHOP and some of my favorite TOPSHOP looks period!

I actually own this top...haven't worn it yet and when I do, it won't look like this, lol!  

Loved this look for her!  Simple & Stunning...she should do this more!

In stores & online NOW...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Kerma bőr és műbőr falpanelek a gyártótól. 5 féle méret 300 különböző bőrből. Különleges falburkolat, mely dekoratív, hő- és hangszigetelő. Falpanel webáruház:

When thinking about wall coverings, we often think of paint, wallpaper or a grass cloth.  The latest trend, however, is looking like leather!

Upholstered walls aren't a new idea by any means, however, the usage has definitely been updated.  Leather walls have evolved beyond those padded walls we think of in insane asylums or for over sized headboards in your bedroom.  Fashion has merged into this style, from ostrich, crocodile, or hair on hide...all of these looks have been seen on the walls of interiors.

Studio Art Leather walls

Origin | Essentials Collections | NappaTile™ Faux Leather Wall Tiles

Leather can be an expensive undertaking, which works out great because leather walls are best used as an accent.  Now, instead of painting that random focal wall, step your game up with a leather wall instead.  A leather accent wall makes a deliberate statement.  You don't even have to do the entire wall.  Frame out a piece of the wall - still making a bold statement but minimizes costs.

10 Amazing Leather Designs, Good Alternatives to Wallpapers

Still not feeling the look on your walls?  Try using it on a door!  I love the idea of a leather door in areas like a powder room.  Such a power statement must be seen, so keeping it from your guest is a waste.  Typically, powder rooms are opportunities to wow your guests, so why not do something wild and spectacular.

Leather paneled doors, by Hirsch Bedner Associates.    Favorite doors of  A Vancouver based Interior Design Firm.

Monday, October 27, 2014


While the temps are rising, so do our layers.  A great way to keep warm without a ton of bulk are gloves!  Some days,  all you need are a nice pair to keep warm without pulling out your winter coat.  So why not make a statement when you do?

I saw these gloves and DIED! These are the most fabulous gloves I've seen for some time.  They by KENZO.

They are perfect way to make your winter duds POP! 

Get your's now...if you can find them :)


tray styling / urchins bring the chic

Finishing touches are key in making your house a home.  These details are necessary in order to add warmth to any space.  These items can be anything, from items you've collected on your travels, to eclectic coasters, or your favorite books.

There is no wrong or right to accessorize your home...whatever makes you happy works!  However, you don't want to over should be able to see your furniture.

But, if you are at a loss, here are a few tips:

1.  Start with an over sized tray.  The tray will be your blank canvas.  It will help you create a boundary so you accessories wont spill out all over your coffee table.

2. Scents!  Invest in a nice candle with a subtle aroma.  I personally love Voluspa candles!  They always smell great, last a great time and always come in gorgeous containers.  Even if they aren't lit, they are great to look at.  If you aren't a fan of candles, they also make great diffusers.

3.  When entertaining guests, fresh flowers are a must!

4. Coasters are both fashionable and functional!  Save your table by investing in a set.

5.  Books or magazines are a great way to dress up a table.  They can also be perused while guests are waiting for dinner or for you to finish getting ready.

6.  Small sculptures are a great way to show off your personality.  These can be collections or just items you love from West Elm.

7.  Lastly, decorative vessels.  These are another item that can just be functional.  Use them to store a little knick-knacks.

Hope these easy steps help your coffee table go from mediocre to spectacular!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


For human-rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin’s fairy-tale wedding to George Clooney, only a dream dress would do. Enter Oscar de la Renta.

In remembrance of the great Oscar de la Renta, here are some of my favorite looks he has graced the world with.  

Oscar, you will be missed!

Oscar de la Renta pink dress. I felt in love with this dress when I saw it in sex&the city

March 7, 2007 - Kerry Washington

Sunday, October 19, 2014




So...for the past few months, I've been going on & off diets.  Trying to drop 20 lbs has been a greater feat than I imagined...especially since the working out part isn't, well, working out :)   Last week, Alexander Wang debuted his athletic gear for H&M...although most of it isn't that "ready to wear", it has inspired me to get my Laura Croft on and get my butt back into the gym!

Check out these amazing looks!    












Monday, January 6, 2014

Apartment Therapy - Assignment 3 - Fresh Perspective

Today, Apartment Therapy posted the 3rd assignment for the January Cure.  After completing this weekend's assignment with flying colors ... literally - check out my flowers...

I am inspired to continue today's assignment.  The goal for this evening is to get new perspective on a space that may not be your favorite.  For me, its our "home office" know, that extra bedroom that would serve as a child's room (if you had children) but instead, it has a desk that is covered in mail and a closet filled with boxes of more junk that you can't seem to get rid of.  So after 2 years..its time to reevaluate this space!

I have a visual of what I want the room to be...still a home office but since we have guests often, I would like it to be a guest bedroom as now this space has two functions other than the holder of all the "is this really trash" items.

So how do I accomplish this?  

First step:  Throw it away!  I have a problem, I am slowly becoming a hoarder (its genetic) and I want to stop it before someone has to dig me out of my home.  So all those old receipts for insignificant purchases - out.  All that mail that has been opened and handled...out!  Old issues of Brides magazine (now that i'm married, I really don't need them - not like I used them anyway) all gone!

Second step:  Organize! There will be left over documents & keepsakes that I will want to keep but just need a better system.  File cabinets & desk organizers.  Since our desk has no drawers - all those pens and pencils need a place.  

Now that its all organized - its time to plan - literally draw a plan.  I want to layout how to arrange the space so it can function as an office but is comfy and inviting for guests! So I will draft up a few ideas...then look for furniture!  

For me - this assignment will take some time to accomplish but its nice to finally have a goal set and a plan of action!  I will post before/after pics & the sketches of how I plan to move forward!

Stay tuned! 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Favorite Fashion Pins!

Everyday, I search Pinterest for amazing images...maybe some people see then but a lot do not. Each week, I will post my top pins of the week to spread these amazing images some of you may be missing.  ENJOY!!

Friday, January 3, 2014


Ok, so it has been months since I've posted anything!  I have a world of excuses and none of them matter, so why even mention them!

However, I have felt a new surge of inspiration!  Not necessarily because it is the new year, but because one of my favorite blogs, Apartment Therapy has posted their annual January Cure series.  This series provides daily posts that will help you get organized and to finally finish up some of those house hold projects you have been putting off for oh so long!

This finally got me motivated to at least pretend that I'm going to accomplish something and be one step closer to making my new house (for the past 2 years) a home.

After signing up, I felt renewed (as if I was actually going to do this) here goes!

Assignment 1
Make a list

Seems easy enough, right!?  Make a list of all the projects you have been dying to get to but have never found the time.  Doesn't have to be fact, I think its better if its a bunch of small goals...less pressure!  Once you have made you list...pick the top 3-5 for each space in your home!  This way, its so much easier to manage (we'll see).  Even though I'm a few days behind, just the idea of writing it down helps a ton!

Assignment 2
Weekend Chores

I love this weekend's assignment!  Mainly because I am quarter of the way finished (I have 3 stories and I just cleaned one this past weekend) So now, all I have to do is finish the floors on the remaining levels...and my favorite...FLOWERS!  There was a time when i was buying flowers on a weekly basis.  I just loved designing arrangements and filling my home with floral scents! Its such a calming experience and doesn't have to be that expensive! 3 stems of hydrangea is only $6 at the grocery store...and they look great in a small vase!

With that said...I'm off to the cure!  I will chronicle my own experience with Apartment Therapy's challenge and do daily updates on what I have (and have not) crossed off my list!

So wish my luck!  And if you are interested in taking the challenge, sign up at Apartment Therapy!