Thursday, August 15, 2013

H&M Home...Do we love it? I think...YES!

If there is one thing I know...its that people desire style!  No matter your taste...everyone wants to obtain a certain look for their home.  Now, more than ever, that style is available to the masses!  I don't know if its a good or bad thing, but I like it!

Check out a sample of H&M Home...I have a feeling we are going to be seeing some super chic dorm rooms this fall!

With such affordable prices, anyone can update a space for not a lot of cash!

Here are some great tips when it comes to revamping your casa style!

1. MIX IT UP - Don't be afraid to mix patterns.  To insure that it doesn't look like you just threw up on a space, keep these simple rules in mind.  If you want to mix pattern scales, keep it monochromatic.  If you want to mix colors, make sure the patterns are the same scale.

2.  ACCESSORIZE - Just because you have the same furniture doesn't mean you can't have a new look!  Update a sofa with new pillows!  Boring coffee table?  Add decorative boxes, bold books or other accessories.  Just a few items can add a layer of texture and dimension to a space!

3.  THINK VERTICALLY - Don't forget about the most your walls, they need love too!  Add art work to drab color walls.  Draperies can soften up any space.  If you have a small room..mirrors will always make a space feel bigger!

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