Monday, October 27, 2014


tray styling / urchins bring the chic

Finishing touches are key in making your house a home.  These details are necessary in order to add warmth to any space.  These items can be anything, from items you've collected on your travels, to eclectic coasters, or your favorite books.

There is no wrong or right to accessorize your home...whatever makes you happy works!  However, you don't want to over should be able to see your furniture.

But, if you are at a loss, here are a few tips:

1.  Start with an over sized tray.  The tray will be your blank canvas.  It will help you create a boundary so you accessories wont spill out all over your coffee table.

2. Scents!  Invest in a nice candle with a subtle aroma.  I personally love Voluspa candles!  They always smell great, last a great time and always come in gorgeous containers.  Even if they aren't lit, they are great to look at.  If you aren't a fan of candles, they also make great diffusers.

3.  When entertaining guests, fresh flowers are a must!

4. Coasters are both fashionable and functional!  Save your table by investing in a set.

5.  Books or magazines are a great way to dress up a table.  They can also be perused while guests are waiting for dinner or for you to finish getting ready.

6.  Small sculptures are a great way to show off your personality.  These can be collections or just items you love from West Elm.

7.  Lastly, decorative vessels.  These are another item that can just be functional.  Use them to store a little knick-knacks.

Hope these easy steps help your coffee table go from mediocre to spectacular!!!

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