Thursday, August 15, 2013

Its Gettin' Hot...But I Have Coat Envy

Like most of the nation, I too, am obsessed with SCANDAL!  Olivia Pope is one of the most amazing characters on television...I have not admired a fictional character so much since Claire Huxtable.  She is poised, confident, determined and most of all...sharply dressed.

Every episode, I find myself saying "I love that coat!" 

With that said, here are some of my favorite "Pope Coats"

The keys to a "Pope Coat" are the following:

1. FIT...A perfectly tailored coat will bring you one step closer to achieving the classic look.  Even if your wallet doesn't allow you to invest in the most expensive pieces, you can always find a bargain at lower end stores and take a trip to your local tailor.  Now you have a coat that looks as expensive as Ms. Olivia herself.

2. NEUTRALS...For a more sophisticated look, opt for a more neutral color palette.  This means, creams, grays, blushes, and blacks.  These colors are ALWAYS in style and are flattering for all shapes and sizes.  So if your budget allows, go ahead and spend a little more for an investment will have it forever.

3. WHAT'S UNDERNEATH...Don't create more bulk by wearing chunky garments underneath your perfect coat.  Instead, wear thinner layers to keep warm.  

Here are some of my favorite coats inspired by Kerry Washington's hit character.




If you were curious about those most fabulous gloves...try these on!!


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